Fun – Fun moments, fond memories

  • We are all about serving up fun for everyone at every stage in their lives.
  • Whether our members and guests are here to acquire a new skill, enjoy a staycation or chill out after work, let’s make it a great day for them! Let’s create fun moments for a lifetime of fond memories.


Care – Feeling cared for like family

  • We deliver with care in everything that we do.
  • We put a lot of thought to every action or event. Let’s make personalisation and thoughtfulness our hallmark of consistency in everything that we do every day.


Value – Worthwhile experiences to keep you coming back for more

  • We are the guardians of all things good – quality, trust and value for money.
  • We work hard as a team to create the best cost-effective memories for our members and guests.
  • Let’s create worthwhile experiences to keep them coming back for more.