U Sports

Growing and Strengthening the Community of Sports Enthusiasts

As the sporting community of the Labour Movement, U Sports aims to bring together members of all ages with a common passion for sports. Through its comprehensive and exciting calendar of sports-related events and activities, U Sports creates opportunities to encourage camaraderie among members and build a community of sports enthusiasts.
Providing Opportunities for Sports Participation

As the leading community-building platform, U Sports provides opportunities to nurture new friendships and strengthen existing ties among members. Initiatives such as Sports Interest Groups, mass community events and U Games, the iconic annual inter-union, multi-sports tournament, are in place to encourage sustained participation among members.
Encouraging Involvement in All Areas of Sports
Aside from sports participation, U Sports also hopes to get more people involved in the areas of sports events management and spectatorship. Those who are interested to learn about behind-the-scenes work for sports events are welcome to volunteer their time and efforts for U Sports events! If you enjoy watching live sporting events and cheering for your favourites, then the U Sports Fan Club is for you.
Crossing boundaries and welcoming all, U Sports is ideal for anyone seeking an active lifestyle - from sports newbies to seasoned competitors. It is a sporting community that knows no bounds, uniting all who are passionate in sports.
 For more information, check out the U Sports website at www.usports.sg or follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

Contact Us
Email: info@usports.com.sg
Tel: (65) 6582 3459
Website: www.usports.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/usports

U Games, the iconic multi-sports tournament on the Labour Movement calendar, aims to promote sportsmanship among the affiliate unions and foster camaraderie among members. There is always an exciting line up of sporting events in the U Games calendar, ranging from golf to futsal to beach games. Unions accumulate points through participating in these competitions, culminating in one union being named the overall Champion at the end of the season.
U Sports Elite Teams
Aside from the inter-union competition, U Sports also nurtures and supports local sporting talents via its Elite Teams. The Elite Teams represent U Sports in sports such as Touch Football, Floorball, Basketball, Bowling and Dragon Boat innational-level leagues and competitions. They are part of our big sporting family and have done us proud in numerous sporting competitions!

Iconic Events

For those who prefer non-competitive sports, iconic U Sports events such as Nite on Wheels, its annual night cycling event, and its mass community fitness event, KeepFit!, are great avenues to get active and involved in sports and fitness. These events continue to grow in scale and popularity and provide everyone with a chance to participate in a variety of sports activities - be it as a union member or a member of the public.
Sports Interest Groups

U Sports also offers extensive sporting opportunities via its Sports Interest Groups. Through the Interest Groups, participants have access to free trials, clinics, workshops, and the opportunity to take part in camps and competitions on a regular basis. Join the Interest Group for your favourite sport, or try something new!
The Sports Interest Groups available are:

1.    Adventure & Water Sports
2.    Bowling
3.    Cycling
4.    Fitness
5.    Golf
6.    Running
7.    Soccer
8.    Softball
If you prefer to be behind-the-scenes or cheering on the stands for your favourites, you can also get involved with U Sports!
Be a U Sports Volunteer!

Get involved in a fun and easy way and have a hand in making our sports events a success! Join us as a volunteer and receive first-hand news of U Sports activities and exclusive U Sports premiums. In return, you also gain:
1.    Satisfaction – Give back to the sporting community
2.    Friendship – Meet and work with others who share your interests
3.    Knowledge – Learn event-management skills
4.    Development – Receive training and development courses to improve your skills
5.    FUN! – Get involved in our events and be part of the fun-loving U Sports family!
Join the U Sports Fan Club!

Spectatorship is an integral part of the sports scene. Join the U Sports Fan Club and show your support not just for the sportspeople in action, but for love of the game! In addition, you will enjoy the following benefits:

1.     Enjoy discounted event tickets
2.     Expand your social network
3.     Enjoy special seat allocation at events
4.     Receive first-hand news of U Sports activities
5.     Receive exclusive U Sports premiums