Redeeming LinkPoints/WOW Deals

LinkPoints Redemption


NTUC Plus! nEbO Plus! Plus!
Wild Wild Wet
Day Pass and Wet Shop Offset $1 with every 150 LinkPoints
*NTUC Plus! and Plus! cardholders can buy up to 4 tickets for accompanying guests
* nEbO Plus! cardholders can buy only 1 ticket for accompanying guest
* Temporary NTUC Plus! or nEbO Plus! members will not be entitled to LinkPoints issuance or redemption 
Unlimited playtime (Off-peak) 2,550 2,550 2,550
Unlimited playtime (Peak) 4,050 4,050 4,050
F&B Offset $1 with every 150 LinkPoints.
Additional 5% off with every redemption*
* Only with LinkPoints redemptions of at least 10% of the F&B List Price (Minimum $1 – 150 LinkPoints)

D'Resort / Costa Sands Resort (Sentosa): 
Every 750 LinkPoints will help you to offset the cost of stay by $5. 

There are also attractive items available using LinkPoints or cash + LinkPoints at ihelp in Downtown East and redemption counter in Clubhouses. Click here for the list of items available or visit us in Downtown East for more options.

Redeem more at NTUC Club with these special deals from 700 LinkPoints

  NTUC Plus! nEbO Plus! Plus!
eXplorerkid Plush Bear 700 LinkPoints 700 LinkPoints 800 LinkPoints
$5 Off total spending eXplorerkid Playtime 700 LinkPoints 700 LinkPoints 750 LinkPoints
* Not Valid with other promotions, discounts and not applicable for membership sign-ups, birthday parties and activities.

nEbO Members Special

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