We are 25!Released On: 14 Feb 12

What is NTUC Club’s celebration about?
NTUC Club has always been about fun and you. It has provided opportunities to unwind as well as to bond - taking care of your well-being through fun.
Our celebration is special because of you. Every member or guest who experiences a great time at our facilities, whether it’s at Downtown East or any of our clubhouses brings joy to us. Bringing you FUN is our way of enhancing your well-being. Laugh, take a splash down the waterslides, stroll hand-in-hand down the resort’s stone paths, break a record at the bowling lanes, take the Vertical Challenge up the stairs at our annual U Run, clink your glass with your friends, share memories with your loved ones, it’s about the never-ending FUN.   
For the past 25 years and for the years to come, NTUC Club is about your Fun-Being!
Anniversary Logo
Fun-Being = Fun + Well-Being
The 25th Anniversary is set on a silver splash to communicate the club’s silver anniversary. A spirited circular brushstroke encircles the NTUC Club’s logo to symbolise the Club’s continuous efforts in providing fun. Gradient colour fill is used to symbolise the evolving nature of fun through the ages and for the years to come.

25 Years of Caring for your Fun-Being
In a short span of 25 years, NTUC Club has accompanied generations of workers in Singapore, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Y, looking after your Fun-Being and providing quality, affordable recreational experiences that are not bounded by social classes. Together, we relive the good times as we renew our commitment to our social mission of being a Club for everyone.

Beginning with a clubhouse in 1987 at Shenton Way, the next year saw the NTUC Pasir Ris Resort marking a milestone in the history of Singapore as a ‘country club’ for the masses. The next decade was a time of rapid union membership growth and we are glad to provide an avenue for workers to achieve work-life balance. The NTUC Sentosa Beach Resort had its humble beginnings in 1994 before it became Costa Sands Resort (Sentosa).





Increasing our presence around the island while answering the needs of the times from 1989, the clubhouses continue to grow in the disco/pubbing scene. Today, our four clubhouses continue to bring cheers to NTUC members and friends.

Downtown East evolved from NTUC Pasir Ris Resort which went through a redevelopment project in 2000. Escape Theme Park helped to launch Downtown East as the leisure destination of choice and today, it is a household name as a one-stop leisure and entertainment hub, with Wild Wild Wet, Costa Sands Resort (Downtown East & Pasir Ris), Orchid Bowl, eXplorerkid, and E!hub.




Rebranding our member engagement efforts in 2007, we launched and championed several communities, including eXplorerkid membership (for young families), nEbO (youths 12 – 21), U Sports (the sporting community) and U Live (active agers). We built these communities to be with our members at the different stages of their lives, making it possible for people to have a lifelong relationship with us. Programmes and activities were also started to engage the union community and strengthen the camaraderie. U Games, the iconic inter-union sports competition was launched in 2008 to promote a healthy, active lifestyle among union members. The U Fame Awards was also started in 2008 for talented union members to shine on stage.



We are now all braced for the excitement ahead, embarking on fresh developments for Downtown East. With 25 years of caring for your Fun-Being, we are well on our way to a future of more recreational fun at more value, and greater Fun-Being!