U Sports Awards Night 2018 recognises top corporate participants and ushers a new season of Better Work & Life through Sports


Singapore, 13 July 2018 – Sportspeople of the Labour Movement and corporate sector celebrated their sporting achievements and the spirit of good sportsmanship last night at the Begonia Pavilion in Downtown East. For the first time, U Sports Awards Night 2018 handed out awards to the top three companies that took part in the corporate sector games.


The Awards also marked the end of the 10th U Games, and as U Sports celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Games, all participants were given a special goodie bag that includes a commemorative event t-shirt. 


The 11th season of the U Games was also launched tonight, ushering in a new season of Better Work & Life Through Sports!


Better Work & Life Through Sports

As the sporting community of the Labour Movement, U Sports brings unions, members, and corporate partners together through sports. U Games started in 2008 with 10 events and 2,000 participants.


In the recent years, U Sports incorporated the corporate category to allow participants from the extended Labour Movement family, including members from U Associate, U SME and U FSE to join in the Games. This is part of the community’s strategic move to be more inclusive and encourage better work and life through sports. From year 2016 onwards, there were more corporate companies participating in U Games. The recent 10th U Games had more than 7,500 sportspeople participating across 10 events, from 42 unions and 45 corporate companies.


Thus, for the first time in U Games history, U Sports awarded the top three companies with the most wins in the corporate category games. Alongside a team-building package that will be launched later this year, the community hopes to galvanise workers to play and exercise together to develop better relationships.


“This U Games was very well organised – it provided a social platform for my colleagues and I to bond over a common interest of sports, and allowed us to interact with sporting enthusiasts from other organisations, as well as the unions,” said Mr Chan Kin Leong, Senior Manager, Cloud First Applications, Accenture Technology.


Honouring achievements

The Awards Night also saw top sportspeople receive accolades for their outstanding performance. The coveted Top Union Award was handed to The Singapore Manual & Mercantile Workers’ Union (SMMWU) – making it the seventh year running that SMMWU took top honours at the Awards Night.


The Most Improved Union went to Union of ITE Training Staff (UITS). Members from UITS took part in all 10 sporting events and finished 8th place on the leaderboard with 490 points. This was a great leap from their 18th place in the previous Games.  


“We are honoured to be given this award as it’s a big encouragement for us. It’s also heartening to see the enthusiasm of our participants, some of whom even registered as union members in order to take part in the Games. We look forward to more joining us the next season!” said Ms Pearl Lim and Mr William Cheong from UITS.


Other awards include the Sports Convenor of the Year, which was won by Josephine Tee from SMMWU for rallying new members to join in the U Games. Josephine was also an exemplary convenor by participating in many of the Games including Sand-sation, Sepaktakraw and Futsal.


The eleventh season of U Games will start with the Sand-Sation event at Mempari Beach, Sentosa on 25 and 26 August 2018. Interested players can visit www.usports.com.sg to register for the upcoming Games and events.


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