NTUC Club Congratulates All EXSA 2019 Winners!

NTUC Club is proud of our staff consistently achieving high standards of service excellence. For the past 3 years, more than 200 staff have received the prestigious EXSA awards for excellent service annually.


​In 2019, some 253 staff were recognised for their exemplary standards of service. There were 189 winners for Singapore Hotel Association (SHA) and 56 winners for Association of Singapore Attractions (ASA) awards. We also had 8 winners under the new Singapore Retail Association (SRA) category. 


Ms Susan Song Dan from D’Resort Housekeeping was the finalist for the highly acclaimed Outstanding Star Award by the SHA. Susan went the extra mile by taking care of a little girl who was sick and brought the girl’s mum to the convenience store to buy medicine. She also bought additional honey and made a cup of hot honey for her. The girl’s parents were very appreciative of Susan’s warm hospitality and wonderful help. When the family checked out the next day, Susan went to their room to ask if the girl is feeling better and was very glad that her fever has subsided. They thanked Susan for her kind thoughts and are looking forward to their next stay at D’Resort.


Mr Muhammad Khairi Bin Md Nassir, Safety Officer of Wild Wild Wet, was the top 5 finalist for the SuperStar Award by the ASA. Khairi displayed strong passion for his job and managed a traffic accident well. He helped the driver in the accident to the first aid room, quickly performed EGC and put an oxygen mask on him after ascertaining that he had symptoms of a heart attack. He then attended to the driver’s wounds while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Throughout the incident, he still remained calm and ensured the safety of the other guests were not compromised.


Their stories, and many more, continue to inspire staff to put care and excellent service at the heart of what we do for our members and guests. Congratulations once again to all our 253 EXSA winners!


Susan Song Dan
SHA Outstanding Star Nominee – D’Resort
Muhammad Khairi Bin Md Nassir
ASA SuperStar Award Nominee – Wild Wild Wet