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U Live launched in July 2009 as a platform that reaches out to active agers aged 55 years and above through various Work, Live and Play initiatives. The tagline ‘The Good Life’ further signifies the new chapter in the lives of active agers, where they can look forward to living many more productive and purposeful years with an emphasis on social, intellectual, physical, vocational, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Through various Work, Live and Play initiatives like re-employment schemes, cause-centric programmes, and age-specific interest groups and privileges, U Live encourages active agers to remain employed, enriched and engaged and to maintain their association with the Labour Movement while they embark on a new chapter in their lives.

General Information for Communities and Events

Contact Number: (+65) 6582 3605
Email Address: events@ulive.com.sg

General Information for Membership Matters

Contact Number: (+65) 6213 8008

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